What We Do

Since 1940, we have led the fight to help all classified workers in the Elk Grove Unified School District get a fair return on their work. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major labor union victory.

Our Mission

Public service isn’t just a job: it’s a calling. And the work of people in public service deserves respect. That’s why we stand together in AFSCME to advocate for fairness in the workplace, safety on the job, fair wages, good benefits, a secure retirement and excellence in public services.

What We’ve Achieved

  • Led contract negotiations and representation for our members
  • Represented members in disciplinary actions
  • Representated members in the larger labor movement
  • Advocated for worker-friendly policies at the local, state and national levels
  • Assisted members in legal matters, credit issues and family issues
  • Provided discounts and free passes for services and attractions throughout the country
  • Helped members with contract issues and training